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Glory Board

The Glory Board is a record of athletic accomplishments from the beginning to the present! Celebrate all your winnings of any sport on one board with lifetime engraving with each purchase.


Scrimmage Hats that fit all standard football helmets to help distinguish between offense and defense. Colors come in red and orange.


Scrimmage Gladiator vests are an easy on, easy off vest with a 2 year guarantee. Colors come in black, red, royal, gold, orange, Kelly, white, navy, and Columbia Blue.

The Cart

If you do laundry for your athletes, this is a must! The Cart holds 62 laundry clips and is lightweight; on rollers. The Cart can be used to issue and take up equipment and utilizes the full potential of the Laundry Strap. The Cart decreases the chances of Staph, aids in airflow of laundry, and you will spend less time handling laundry.